From being lost to becoming a life coach

“True fulfillment for me was being with the love of my life – finding that person to experience life with. I was at that age where I was thinking to myself ‘Maybe having children is something that I would love to do in this lifetime of being a woman.’ It was something that I haven’t really focused on and I started to wonder whether it was going to happen for me. So, I went from having that sort of empty individual existence to now having a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, a daughter and two dogs.”

The ”Law of Attraction” is a theory that supposes you can influence your reality by disciplining or focusing your thoughts, and allowing your actions to reflect that profound self-belief and awareness. Based on this, Hayley Wilson developed a number of strategies to help people discover their possibilities.

The result is The Me Project, a life-coaching and personal development business based in Sydney. It guides people to mold their reality into what’s most meaningful to them, accomplishing this through intimate and tightly-knit in-person sessions.

It all started when a Victorian, Hayley Wilson, was going through an existential crisis. Sure, she was doing astronomically in her professional career. Not only did she have an amazing, well-paying job in the IT industry, she also had the finances to purchase her own apartment. The source of desperation was a deep-seated feeling of isolation and loneliness. She had all this success but no one to share it with. Feeling lost, she turned to retail therapy for instant gratification.

Things started to turn for the better when Hayley was on one of her shopping excursions. She was looking past this spiritualist shop that sold crystals, oil burners and incense, when a book on applying the Law of Attraction caught her attention. That book became the fulcrum of her turning point, the beginning of her journey on personal development, and the basis of her research and her business.

Today, Hayley is wife to a wonderful husband, Richard, and mother to a beautiful daughter, Juliet. But the journey has just begun for her. Tough she now juggles the full-time work-load of motherhood together with building a business, she still emphasizes the need for balance in life.

“Doing too much and being over-motivated could actually have a negative effect on the outcome,” she said, quoting an article she had written for Coaching Life Magazine. “Doing more doesn’t necessarily equate to achieving more.”

Committing to start The Me Project also came with its own set of necessary sacrifices: “I was a huge social butterfly in Melbourne,” Hayley explains, “I enjoy being social, and spending time going out with friends. It got to the point where I had to cut out a lot of that time and I had to ask, ‘What is really important at this stage in my life.” Depending on what your goal is, perhaps in order to achieve it you must disappear for a while.

When asked on what advice she would give to aspiring entrepreneurs, Hayley suggests, “Going into business is not a sure path to success. It is something that you need to be committed to for more than twelve months. You are going to have to give something up. That is why it is important to be passionate and committed, because you are going to reach that point where it gets really hard and where you feel like you are working in isolation and you feel like giving up.”

“Don’t do it for the success,” she concludes, “Do it for the impact that you could make.”

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