VICI Photo Exhibit – Featuring Those Who Walk In The Shoes of Giants

During the month of July 2017, Faces of Small Business will be running its Photo Exhibit, ‘VICI,’ at the Sappho Books, Café & Wine Bar in Glebe, Sydney Australia. The title of the exhibit is the Latin word for the phrase ‘I conquered,’ which is the final climatic step in Julius Caesar’s famous ‘vini, vidi, vici’ (I came, I saw, I conquered).

Vici emphasizes the successes of the small business owners featured in Faces of Small Business without pushing to one side the long-winded journey that they had trod. Conquering a chosen industry is an achievement that only a minority of people will ever experience. As the featured stories reveal, such achievements were not without substantial cost. It required dedication, a willingness to take on tremendous risks, but most of all, a burning passion that comes from the heart.

Many people discount the highly-clichéd saying to trust and chase your passion, or to follow that thing or activity in this world that makes you happy. At the core of it all, such unwillingness stems from the fact that many people have not found or felt that deep emotional craving towards a certain thing that is unique to everyone.

The people featured on Faces of Small Business are of a special ilk. They have not only found their passion, but they also had the tenacity to pursue it and build it from ground zero. But, as the stories tell, in many ways they are just like us. They are ordinary people who started off without much. Most of them had to take out loans. Just like the rest of us, they were bested by obstacles. They had to sacrifice a social life, their peace of mind, their life savings, and a stable paying job, because at the end of the day these sacrifices are simply the costs of the treading the road less travelled. They are ordinary people walking in the shoes of giants.

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