VICI Photo Exhibit – Featuring Those Who Walk In The Shoes of Giants

During the month of July 2017, Faces of Small Business will be running its Photo Exhibit, ‘VICI,’ at the Sappho Books, Café & Wine Bar in Glebe, Sydney Australia. The title of the exhibit is the Latin word for the phrase ‘I conquered,’ which is the final climatic step in Julius Caesar’s famous ‘vini, vidi, vici’ (I came, I saw, I conquered). Read More

Introduction to Fosbiz


We are a team of four individuals who are passionate about supporting our local businesses own who play an indispensable role in our cities. We are on a mission to interview these business owners and share their stories of success, determination, hardship and inspiration to the world.

Our very first interviews are being conducted this week in Manila: watch this space as we start to pen down their stories.