The Double-Life of a Comic Book Store Owner and Modern-Day Superhero

“A little kid came in the other day but he didn’t have much money, so I didn’t sell him anything. When I came home that night, I reflected on what happened and I realized I should have given him something more. I always give stuff away for free but I get surprised and disappointed in myself if I am not more giving. The following day, I was hoping he would come back, but he never did. If someone did that for me as a kid, it would have made my day, and I would remember it even when I grew up. I’ve always wanted this business to be a personal endeavor upon myself to make people happy. That is why one of my main goals is to build up Zumps, my toy line, and then have it tied in with every local hospital, so when I sell Zumps the proceeds go directly to caring for hospitalized children.”

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