VICI Photo Exhibit – Featuring Those Who Walk In The Shoes of Giants

During the month of July 2017, Faces of Small Business will be running its Photo Exhibit, ‘VICI,’ at the Sappho Books, Café & Wine Bar in Glebe, Sydney Australia. The title of the exhibit is the Latin word for the phrase ‘I conquered,’ which is the final climatic step in Julius Caesar’s famous ‘vini, vidi, vici’ (I came, I saw, I conquered). Read More

From being lost to becoming a life coach

“True fulfillment for me was being with the love of my life – finding that person to experience life with. I was at that age where I was thinking to myself ‘Maybe having children is something that I would love to do in this lifetime of being a woman.’ It was something that I haven’t really focused on and I started to wonder whether it was going to happen for me. So, I went from having that sort of empty individual existence to now having a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, a daughter and two dogs.”

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This is what a medical student can teach salespeople

Doctors are very effective when prescribing drugs because they see what the patient needs without snatching control. They ask, ‘Do you want to do this or not?’ They give their patients the option to choose. So, when I am selling my products, I take the pressure out of it, and make it personal. If I notice that my products will really benefit them, then I strike up a conversation about my business. Otherwise I don’t bring up the topic at all. In the end, I don’t think of it as selling. I just think of it as helping people.

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School Teacher Creates Toy Line To Help Fund Mother’s Cancer Treatment

 “My proudest moment is the time we were featured on TV. And when we watched the show, with my mom and dad beside us, my mom was just staring at the TV. I think she was thinking, ‘Are these my daughters? Are they really there, talking about our story?’ My parents really felt like we were doing something good.”

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Millenial brings easy 3D printing to the Philippines

“We see all this loss of opportunity, because people tell me ‘I don’t know how to do 3D design. I’m not an architect, I’m not an engineer. Where do we go from here?’ And if the average person can’t do it, how can we say we’re empowering the average Filipino?”

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High school friends become business partners to reinvent bagnet in Manila

“We had to build it from the ground up. We used things from our own houses for the first six months to pay off the construction. Even our rice cooker was a regular one, not the big one that other stalls used… It was a big jump. We didn’t realize how big it was. When we were signing the contract, we were just laughing, like… oh, this is real!”

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How one man is changing the business of retailing records

‘I’ve made money, lost money, bought houses, sold houses, now I’m 57, but the main thing is I don’t have a boss. I’m in control of my own business. And I am still tweaking it. Stopping now is not an option. It is worth it, but it could be worth even more.’

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Introduction to Fosbiz


We are a team of four individuals who are passionate about supporting our local businesses own who play an indispensable role in our cities. We are on a mission to interview these business owners and share their stories of success, determination, hardship and inspiration to the world.

Our very first interviews are being conducted this week in Manila: watch this space as we start to pen down their stories.