School Teacher Creates Toy Line To Help Fund Mother’s Cancer Treatment

 “My proudest moment is the time we were featured on TV. And when we watched the show, with my mom and dad beside us, my mom was just staring at the TV. I think she was thinking, ‘Are these my daughters? Are they really there, talking about our story?’ My parents really felt like we were doing something good.”

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How to drive a business by creating a people-centred workplace

“Back when I started the business, it was pretty tough. I was really just getting by and at the time I had a young boy to support. Actually, quite honestly I could have made more money more easily by working for someone else, but this didn’t matter because I was doing what I love. I love books, and I love the sort of interaction that I have with people here. I used to work really long hours. When you own a business, you really are at risk of it becoming your whole life. So I began to pull back and develop more systems for training staff. That was when I came to understand that well trained staff are a powerful asset.”

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Millenial brings easy 3D printing to the Philippines

“We see all this loss of opportunity, because people tell me ‘I don’t know how to do 3D design. I’m not an architect, I’m not an engineer. Where do we go from here?’ And if the average person can’t do it, how can we say we’re empowering the average Filipino?”

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The high cost of success: the story of Pizza Planet Glebe’s owner

“Every day back when I was in year 5 or 6, my dad would take us to the shop to open up before going to school around 6:00 in the morning. School was like a holiday for me, because I had to work as a kid. I loved school! After school my dad would pick us up and take us back to the shop to work until closing. I’ve been doing that for 14 years and it pretty much became my way of life, my second nature. Today, I have three boys and I would want to have something lined up for them which they could take over.”

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Filling a gap in the Philippine film industry

“This is something bigger than us. More than the profit, is the social impact: I want our company, our films, to address issues and actually provoke audiences into doing something about them.”

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High school friends become business partners to reinvent bagnet in Manila

“We had to build it from the ground up. We used things from our own houses for the first six months to pay off the construction. Even our rice cooker was a regular one, not the big one that other stalls used… It was a big jump. We didn’t realize how big it was. When we were signing the contract, we were just laughing, like… oh, this is real!”

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Introduction to Fosbiz


We are a team of four individuals who are passionate about supporting our local businesses own who play an indispensable role in our cities. We are on a mission to interview these business owners and share their stories of success, determination, hardship and inspiration to the world.

Our very first interviews are being conducted this week in Manila: watch this space as we start to pen down their stories.