Power, popularity, peaceful protest – how one artist is mixing them all together

“My exhibition, called ‘Power & Pop,’ is portraying the use of a celebrity’s face as a vehicle not just for popularity but also as a symbol of protest, and freedom of speech. All the subjects in my work are celebrities who have been arrested for lobbying for freedom of speech, such as Martin Luther King Jnr, John Lennon and Jane Fonda. I’m interested in the notoriety that celebrities have and their ability to influence a larger audience. Take John Lennon for instance. His anti-Vietnam stance and ‘Imagine Peace’ campaign was a protest on a global scale. Closer to home Midnight Oil are a great example. Why is it that the Government was not able to say sorry to the Aboriginals, but a popular musician can do it without fear? I am intrigued at how these celebrities can cut through the nonsense and make a point.”

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